HOUSING chiefs have apologised for delays in dealing with damp in a house in Colborn, near Catterick Garrison, but have pledged to do all they can to eradicate the problem.

Andrew Pavey and his wife, Amanda, first complained in August and were told fans would be fitted in the property in Foxglove Court to help circulate the air. Five months later, they were still waiting and called on local councillor Peter Wood for help.

Yesterday, Richmondshire District Council housing official Colin Dales said excessive workloads meant it had taken longer than expected to address the Paveys' problem.

Mr Dales said: "We suspect it may not be damp but condensation, but we need to be sure before we take any further action.

"If we are right, then we can also try dry-lining the walls to warm them up, while we will also issue the Paveys with advice about what they can do to limit the moisture in the air in their home."

He said: "We accept it has taken longer than it should have to fit the fans and I would like to apologise to the Paveys. However, they will be given a copy of the investigator's report and we will be working with them to deal with the issue."