POLICE officers in Stockton are to continue a high profile campaign to further reduce car crime in the area.

Last year, a campaign was launched in the town urging motorists and householders to be aware of thieves.

It has proved to be successful and there is now roughly one incident of a car being broken into or stolen in the town centre area of Stockton reported daily.

However, officers want to further reduce this number and are patrolling the area from the Splash swimming baths to Chandler's Wharf.

Motorists are being asked to do their part by removing all valuables from cars and making sure nothing is left on show.

A police spokesman said: "Older vehicles are being targeted and stolen while any type of vehicle is being targeted for high value audio equipment. People are being asked to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police."

Anyone with any information about car crime in the area is asked to contact police on (01642) 326326 or the task force confidential hotline on (01642) 644111.