A TEAM of researchers is about to arrive in the region to investigate reports of a Geordie yeti.

As revealed by The Northern Echo last week, the creature was spotted by people fishing at Bolam Lake, near Belsay, Northumberland.

They reported it to Geoff Lincoln, of the British Hominid Research Organisation, describing it as about 8ft, heavily built and with glowing eyes.

Now a team of researchers - describing themselves as "Britain's foremost professional monster hunters" - is travelling to Northumberland to investigate.

The four-man team from the Centre of Fortean Zoology, in Exeter, will arrive tomorrow and begin research on Friday.

Expedition zoologist Richard Freeman, 33, who studied at Leeds University and is a qualified zoo keeper, will play recordings of known ape species - and sounds allegedly made by the North American sasquatch - in an attempt to attract the Bolam Beast.

However, he was sceptical of finding a Bigfoot.

"There simply isn't a suitable climate, habitat or food source in Britain to support an unknown great ape, but then again I would love to be proved wrong," he said.