A PUBLIC inquiry into plans for a power substation will open later this month.

National Grid International applied to Easington District Council for permission to build the substation on the former Hawthorn Cokeworks site, near Murton.

Costing several million pounds, the station would form part of a scheme to transfer electricity to and from Norway.

The inquiry has resulted from an appeal after the council refused permission for the development.

Inspector Steven Fox will open it at 10am on Tuesday, January 29, at the Glebe Centre, Durham Place, Murton. It is expected to last for up to four days.

Evidence will be provided by National Grid International and the council, and the inspector may also hear viewpoints from other interested parties.

Following the inquiry, Mr Fox will make a report to the Secretary of State for the Environment, who will decide whether to grant planning permission.

But before it begins, the council will consider revised proposals for the development, on Thursday.

If it accepts them and grants permission, the inquiry is not likely to proceed.