RESIDENTS tired of Council Tax increases are about to become the country's newest political party.

The Durham Taxpayers Alliance has registered itself as a party with the Electoral Commission.

The alliance, set up by after last year's 14.8 per cent increase levied by Durham County Council, is intending to fight some seats in the forthcoming elections for Durham City Council.

Party leader Bob West said: "To register costs £160 and the six of us put in about £25 each, so it shows we are prepared to put our money where out mouth is."

The alliance fears that this year's council tax bill could rise by a further ten per cent and is calling for better Government funding of councils to spare householders another rise far above inflation.

Mr West said: "We have received our first donation as a party. A gentleman from Nevilles Cross knocked at the door and gave us £10. It could have been £1. The fact is that enough people care to make a change.'

For details about the alliance call Mr West on 0191-386 0198.