A NURSE is playing a key role in a campaign to persuade more people carry organ donor card.

"Transplants are one of the most miraculous achievements of modern medicine, but they depend entirely on the generosity of donors and their families who are willing to make this life-saving gift to others," said donor liaison sister Tracey Ryder.

Her role is to raise awareness about donation among healthcare professionals and the public, and to ensure patients and relatives are given information and support.

As part of an awareness campaign, South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust staff will receive organ donor registration forms with their payslips this month. This will give over 7,200 people the opportunity to join the Organ Donor Register.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust has 64 patients waiting for organ transplants. There are 5,658 people across the UK on the transplant waiting list and each year, nearly 400 people on that list die.

Ms Ryder said: "The Donor Registration Payslip campaign is an opportunity for a gesture of vast support to the future of transplantation. It is also an opportunity to turn a situation of great sadness into the gift of life to several critically ill people awaiting transplantation."

Staff and the public can also enrol on-line at www.uktransplant.org.uk.