A COUNCIL'S anti-litter campaign has been branded a "load of rubbish" by residents.

Darlington Borough Council launched its high-profile clean-up initiative last month with a pledge to crack down on people who drop litter.

But yesterday residents said their neighbourhood had never looked worse after refuse collectors left behind a mound of rubbish.

"The rubbish is all over the place and it's not fit for kids to walk about," said mother-of-two Jacqueline Roscoe, 30, of George Street.

"The council goes on about its litter campaign but it is just a load of rubbish being talked. I think this town is a bad advert for the campaign because it's filthy."

Mrs Roscoe said she had put out her refuse in properly sealed bags on Monday night, only to find the alleys near her home strewn with litter yesterday.

"The bin men came this morning and they just left it looking much worse. It's happened before and it's just carelessness. People are fed up."

Elizabeth Oxley, 73, said the back lanes off Bedford Street were a tip.

"It's absolutely disgusting. The back lanes are absolutely packed with rubbish. They were tidy last night and now it's horrible."

A council spokeswoman said last night that the rubbish had been cleared as soon as the problem was identified.

"The area will be surveyed again tomorrow and next week to make sure it's not happening every week when bags are put out."