A GROUP of Liberal Democrat campaigners gathered outside Darlington College of Technology on Tuesday to opose its move to Yarm Road.

The college, in Cleveland Avenue, unveiled its £27m plan to relocate to the outskirts of town last October.

Protest organiser Nigel Boddy is compiling a petition. He said: "We've collected lots of signatures and will be here all week.

"Moving the college is like moving from the hub of a wheel to the end of its spokes. It would create a traffic problem along Yarm Road."

The petition will go to Darlington Borough Council's planning committee, which needs to appprove the plan.

College principal Sarah Farley said she had received just two letters of complaint from residents.

"Generally people seem to support the plan to relocate. This protest seems to be more about the Liberal Democrats. We understand that the Lib Dems are targeting this ward for the May elections."