A Lack of information is leading to euro confusion for companies across the region.

According to a poll by Durham Business Club, 60 per cent of local businesses questioned feel they do not have enough information to make an informed judgement on how entry into the eurozone might affect business.

The poll, conducted as part of Durham Business Club's forthcoming euro debate, also showed that despite the acknowledged lack of information, only 15 per cent of respondents had not formed a view about whether entry would be beneficial to the UK economy and their business.

John Atkinson, chairman of Durham Business Club said: "The poll confirms our thoughts that the lack of a clear presentation of the case for and against the euro has resulted in many people forming an opinion on gut reaction alone."

The Big Debate, should Britain join the eurozone?, is the first face-to-face debate of its kind in the North-East and is being staged by Durham Business Club today, with support from Business Link County Durham, Trade Partners UK and Blackett Hart & Pratt Solicitors.