From this newspaper 100 years ago. - A generous Stockton lady. The handsome new stained glass window dedicated on the first Sunday of this year in Holy Trinity Church, Stockton, is a fitting memorial to its donor, Mrs Wright, who has just passed away at a ripe old age. Her generosity has been continued with her decease, for it is whispered that the old lady has left the church with the magnificent sum of £1,000. The new vicar of Holy Trinity is one of her executors.

From this newspaper 50 years ago. - Leyburn protest against inadequate schools. After hearing a complaint that school children in the area were getting a very raw deal, Leyburn Rural Council decided to press the North Riding Education Committee for improved facilities. Coun Donald Smith, of Constable Burton, said he knew of one teacher with a class of 36 children, including six boys aged between 14 and 15. The teacher had just retired but had told him she was afraid of losing control of such a big class. Coun the Rev Foster Sunderland said West Witton had a large school with just 26 pupils. As a consequence, some good classrooms were empty. West Witton Parish Council were requesting the North Riding make use of the space. Chairman County Coun J W Airey said a scheme for a school at Leyburn had been held over because of a lack of finances. The current limitations were unfair to teachers and pupils. The area medical officer, Dr W Sharpe, said a modern school for the area should be a top priority.

From this newspaper 25 years ago. - A suggestion that Sedgefield should be closed to traffic on the day of the Shrovetide football game was dismissed as impractical by the police. Ian Campbell, licensee of the Nag's Head, said the police would do better in preventing accidents by diverting traffic, rather than discouraging the game. Supt Truelock of Durham Police, said it was impossible in practice to block off the village, especially as the forthcoming football game coincided with Sedgefield race day. The police were discouraging the game, he said, because it had become disorganised in recent years and no official body would be responsible for the damage resulting from the game. This will be the 933rd Shrove Tuesday that the game has been held.