Cricketer Luke Cushlow is hoping for another success-filled season with Blackhall after a smashing 2002 - but only after he fully recovers from injury.

The 14-year-old from Blackhall completed a marvellous season last year by taking four individual awards while his team won the Under-13s League, but disaster struck just days after the final game.

Because for the second time in as many years Cushlow broke his arm falling off a swing at the local park - and to make matters worse he injured his bowling arm.

The all-rounder faced a task in recovering from the previous smash, - also the right arm - in 2001 winning the awards last year made it all the sweeter.

The pot was on for ten weeks and came off at Christmas so now the Wellfield School pupil has set his sights on a second productive season - although he faces a step up in class as next season he'll be in the Under-15s League.

Last summer the talented teenager won the North-East Durham Under-13s League's best batsmen title with an average of 123 during a season in which he was out only once, while he was also named best bowler.

Unsurprisingly he was named as the League's best player while he was also awarded the most outstanding player at his club, where he is coached by West Indian professional Imran Jan.

The club award usually goes to one of the elder junior players, but Cushlow's eye-catching displays were deemed worthy of the honour.

Luke's father Mark says although his son's age means he doesn't require physiotherapy, the youngster is still a little wary about testing his right arm.

"He went to play football the other day but went on the subs bench, he's a bit worried about going in for tackles and falling," he said.

Nonetheless, Luke is looking forward to the challenge of playing in a higher age group. Mark, a regular face at Welfare Park, said: "His team are going into a league where they'll be playing against 15-year-olds and all Luke's team will be 14 so it'll be harder for them but he's looking forward to it because the cricket will be more competitive."