A WAR veterans' visit to Normandy has been cancelled because not enough funds have been raised.

Nine unemployed young people from the Prince's Trust Volunteers were expected to attend a charity leg-waxing stunt with soldiers from Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, on Saturday morning.

But after only two volunteers showed up in Darlington's market place, the French trip was cancelled.

The trip to Normandy for local war veterans was to have included a tour of Pegasus Bridge and Omaha beach.

Darlington war veteran Leonard Lacock, 81, said: "What a shame it's been cancelled. I would have liked to have gone if it had been possible. It would have been interesting to go back there."

Officer cadet David Bridges and three other soldiers took part in the sponsored wax and raised £80. A local beautician from Ashna Total Body Care offered to help charge and shoppers paid £1.50 for each strip of wax they pulled off the soldiers' bodies.

"I had my armpits and chest done in the end," said Officer cadet Bridges. "It was a success and the money we raised will go towards helping the community in Darlington, though not on the trip."

The cash will probably be used to buy gifts for children in hospital over Easter.