A ONE-DAY event is being held to encourage people in Darlington to start up their own businesses.

Darlington Borough Council has joined forces with local enterprise agency Darlington Business Venture (DBV) to host the event.

DBV offers people free advice to make starting up a business a less daunting prospect.

The Getting Started in Business day will be held on Saturday, and hopes to bring out the boss in everyone.

A spokeswoman for DBV said: "People have entirely different reasons for deciding to start their own business.

"For some, they may be able to turn a hobby into a business, for others self employment would fit well with family commitments and for other people self-employment is a preferred option as people feel they would be financially or psychologically better off."

The event will be attended by experienced business counsellors and a number of leading companies, which will be on hand with information and useful advice to give people the best possible start in business.

All visitors to the event will receive an exclusive voucher cheque book full of offers and incentives to help them make their mark in the business world.

Doors open between 10am and 3pm at Carmel Technology College, in Darlington, and there is no need to register.

To find out more, call (01325) 281265.