A FALCONER has lost a distinctive white falcon.

Carol Combstock said the rare bird of prey, which belonged to her husband, flew from their garden in Southwick, Sunderland, yesterday morning.

She is appealing for anyone who may have seen the bird to contact her.

The falcon, which has white plumage with black flecks, still has its leash and bells attached, and these could have become entangled

Mr and Mrs Combstock keep birds of prey as a hobby and to train and supply other people with the birds.

They had had this particular falcon for nearly two years, since it was a chick.

Mrs Combstock said: "It just took off unfortunately. We're quite worried it might be caught up in a tree or something.

"It's quite easy to spot, especially if it's flying, as it has a leash trailing behind it."

Anyone who has seen the bird is asked to call Mr or Mrs Combstock, on 0191-548 6485.