Steel producer Corus has launched a new product which allows explosion-resistant buildings to be constructed in a matter of hours.

The company was unveiling the product as a response to growing terrorism and security concerns.

It has billed the new type of steel as being able to provide protection for people in high-risk situations, whether the risk be from terrorist or military sources.

The product has made a timely introduction to the market with Britain bracing itself for an increased terror threat as the possibility of war with Iraq looms.

Emergency services are undertaking various dummy exercises as they prepare for a potentially serious attack.

The Corus product, called Surefast, is described as a new way of constructing explosion-resistant buildings in a fraction of the time taken using traditional building techniques.

Its potential uses were being demonstrated at Lord's cricket ground, central London, yesterday and today.

Surefast uses Bi-Steel, an immensely strong steel and concrete composite panel technology that is proprietary to the steel makers.