STUDENTS have opted for a more fruitful way off filling a gap in the trees at their college.

Eight small fruit trees were yesterday planted at North-allerton College to replace birch trees that had to be felled because they got in the way of security cameras.

Environmental youth worker Emma Casson said: "The new trees - three apple, three plum and two cherry - will fill the gaping hole opened up by the felling two years ago.

"They don't grow as high and we have cleared it with the police and the powers-that-be.

"What's more, they are beautiful in their own right - all different varieties fruit. We hope they will also remind students of where fruit comes from and that it's part of a healthy diet."

The site for each tree had been treated with compost before members of the college's Environmental Action Group began planting.

The cost of the trees was covered jointly by North Yorkshire Community Education and the Northern Fruit Group, of Harrogate,as part of a campaign promoting Yorkshire fruit in Yorkshire schools.

Further sponsorship was provided by Whitbread Action Earth.