The battle for the runners-up awards tightened when Crook jelly's bar B closed the gap on Tow Law New Market B to just one point.

Jelly's B only dropped four points on their visit to Tow Law Station, whilst the New Market B dropped five at Willington Black Horse. The leading Crook Queen's Head have already become champions and hold a seventy-six points lead.

The leading individual scorers were Julie Platten 145 for Willington Black Horse, Angela Suddes 140 and Rachel Heppell 127 for Dan's Castle, Karen Gibson 140 for the Queen's B, Kerry Waller 134 and 128 and Pam Barron 133 for Jelly's Bar B, Claire Johnson 132, 130 and 122 and Jeannie Johnson 132 for the Green Tree, Karen Moses 126 and Ann Varley 121 for the Travellers Rest, Marian Craggs 121 for the North Point and Rose Moffatt 121 for Belle Vue Club. Results: Tow Law North Point 5 Howden Green Tree 6; Willington Black Horse 5 Tow Law New Market B 6; Billy Row Royal George 2 Victoria Club 9; Crook Belle Vue 8 Crook Queen's Head B 3; Crook Travellers Rest 7 Tow Law Black Horse 4; Tow Law Cattle Mart 9 Crook Olde Horse Shoe 2; Crook Cricket Club 7 Billy Row Green 4; Tow Law Station 4 Crook Jelly's Bar B 7; Tow Law New Market A 7 Tow Law Dan's Castle 4; Willington Black Horse 6 Howden Green Tree 5.

Crook League

Leaders Market hold a nine point advantage over nearest chasers Belle Vue with just three games remaining. Second division leaders, Cricket Club lost to second side Queens Head who are now just six points behind. Australian are a further four points in arrears.

RAFA are top of the dominoes table with 55 points. Close behind are Belle Vue 52, Fleece A 51, Travellers Rest and White Swan 50. Queens Head top division two with 45 points followed by The Green 44, Cricket Club and Jelly's A 43.

Results: Division One: Golden Fleece A 7 (4) Royal George 4 (1); Mill House 2 (1) Belle Vue 9 (4); Royal Sun Inn 5 (2) Old Horseshoe 6 (3); RAFA 1 (3) Market 10 (2); Travellers Rest 9 (3) Sunnydene Lodge 2 (2); White Swan 6 (3) Blue Bells 5 (2).

Division Two: Queens Head 8 (3) Cricket Club 3 (2); Green Tree 5 (3) Farrers Arms 6 (2); The Green 11 (4) Golden Fleece B 0 (1); Australian 6 (4) Jelly's Bar B 5 (1). 180's: Jason Bone (Market).