YORKSHIRE men are increasingly chained to the kitchen sink, while their North-East counterparts are in no danger of losing their hardman image, according to a survey.

The results show that men from Yorkshire spend twice as long on the housework as North-East men - and six times more than those in the South.

The research, commissioned by Minky Homecare to identify national cleaning habits of men, found Yorkshire males spend an impressive three hours a week doing chores.

Midlands men spend a respectable 2.5 hours, while North-East men manage a lack-lustre 1.5 hours tackling the cleaning, South-East men can only spare a measly hour dabbling with dirt while South-West men spend a pathetic 30 minutes a week cleaning their homes.

However, the statistics show more men in England are performing domestic duties, despite the alleged demise of the new-age Nineties man.

The survey found that, not only are they spending more time cleaning, but there is a distinct trend in the type of chores tackled on a regular basis.

Men are far more likely to cook Sunday dinner, vacuum and wash up than they are to dust, clean the bathroom and toilet or change the bed covers.

The survey results outlined a noticeable difference between the time single men take to clean the house compared to their married peers.

Minky product manager Jonana Watling said: "Men are becoming more domesticated and house proud.

"Over the last ten years there has been a marked increase in how much time men spend performing homely duties. "