NORTHUMBRIAN Water has pledged to improve after complaints from a Darlington resident.

Keith Ryder, of Halnaby Avenue, said work alongside a footpath off Ettersgill Drive had turned the area into "a muddy quagmire".

He said silver birch saplings and daffodil bulbs planted two years ago by Darlington Borough Council had been destroyed.

All equipment was cleared from the site on January 28, but Mr Ryder said he was disappointed to see that there has been no attempt to reinstate the area into anything like its previous state.

A spokesman for Northumbrian Water said that after work carried out on the company's behalf, it was policy to restore the area to its original condition.

He said that landscaping work in Ettersgill Drive had been delayed by bad weather, but added that landscaping contractors were expected to carry out work by the end of April.