A COUNCIL keen to promote a greener future has launched a bid to minimise the environmental impact of its own vehicle fleet.

Hartlepool Borough Council wants to ensure its 235 mainly diesel-powered vehicles run in the most efficient way possible.

The benefits of cleaner forms of fuel, including electricity and liquid petroleum gas, are being evaluated in trials and drivers are also to receive training to ensure they get the best out of their conventionally powered vehicles.

Transport services manager Alastair Smith said: "The council recognises it has a longer-term responsibility to care for the environment while ensuring value for money.

"That is why we are carefully evaluating alternative cleaner fuels.

"Pending a final decision, we are determined to ensure our conventionally-powered vehicles are used in a way that minimises the amount of pollution that is produced.

"We intend to train staff in good driving practices that will result in the most efficient use of fuel."