CHLOE HAMMOND can now ride alongside her twin brother thanks to a North-East charity.

The three-year-old has cerebral palsy, which mainly affects her lower limbs, and cannot walk, crawl or stand without the aid of a standing frame and walker.

To increase her mobility, she needed a tricycle.

Because they are expensive, Mandy, wrote to Greggs' charity committee to ask for help.

Mrs Hammond, from Fishburn, said: "The tricycle has lots of benefits, because of the stimulation and cardivascular exercise it enables Chloe to experience, and it will give her a lot of enjoyment.

"It will also enable her to ride around with her brother, Jordan."

Lillian Patterson, treasurer of the Greggs North-East charity committee, said: "We were delighted to be able to help Chloe and give her the opportunity to be as mobile as her twin brother."