AFTER spending seven hours trapped up a chimney, he could have shown his rescuers a little more gratitude.

But instead, a red-faced burglary suspect was delivered straight into the arms of the law and taken to a police station.

To compound his humiliation, he later discovered the event had been captured by a fire brigade photographer.

The man was discovered after a drayman arriving at the Twin Farms pub, in Newcastle, at 6am, heard muffled cries.

He realised the calls for help were coming from inside the chimney and called out to ask what had happened.

In reply, the man said he had been trying to rescue a cat at 11.30pm the previous evening and had become trapped.

The drayman called in emergency services and firefighters were quick to arrive.

The crew used extending ladders to clamber on to the roof and managed to lower a rope to the trapped man.

He was pulled back up through the chimney pot and then slid down a gutter on his backside.

Once he had clambered down the ladder two police officers were waiting to arrest him.

Acting Detective Inspector Scott Hall, of Newcastle North CID, said: "A man was later arrested at the scene and taken to Etal Lane police station for questioning on suspicion of burglary."

* Magistrates have adjourned a case against David Gardener, 28, of East Garth, Newbiggin Hall Estate, Newcastle, until later this month.

He has been charged with burglary and granted conditional bail.