THE parents of human shield Antoinette McCormick last night told of their relief as their daughter returned from Iraq.

Mairi and John were overjoyed that their daughter was back at home in York, after weeks of worry over her safety.

The 38-year-old, who spent several nights at a power plant in Baghdad, in a bid to deter Allied bombing, flew to Britain on Tuesday from Jordan.

At their home, in Huntington Road, the McCormicks spoke of their relief after living on edge for so long.

Mr McCormick said: "It is reassuring that she is back, and in one piece. Now we might be able to get on with our lives."

Having been deported from Iraq last week because she only had a tourist visa, Miss McCormick was pleased to be home and said it was good to feel safe again.

However, she said she did not regret her journey and was convinced that her efforts and those of dozens of other human shields had been worthwhile.

She believes that while the shields are positioned at the power station, the US and British will not bomb there, ensuring that millions of civilians continue to receive power and water.

Miss McCormick said she had met many people in Iraq, and plans to return once the conflict is over.