BARNARD auction mart held its inaugural sale of 38 working sheepdogs on Wednesday, March 19.

A large company attended the sale, held at South View, Broomielaw, in perfect weather conditions. Dogs were presented from a wide area, including Wales and Northern Ireland.

Buyers were selective, but the majority of the better dogs were sold at satisfactory prices. The top price was secured by S Howes, Wolsingham, with a 15-month dog which sold for 1,050 gns to R Ward, Langleydale. The highest-priced pup was sold by L Booton, Thornton Steward, for 200 gns to D Bowmer, Scotton.

Leading prices (all in gns): J Howes 1050, 500, 400; H W Watkins (Wales) 950, 450; S Hope 750; D Wilson (Co Down) 560; WR Bell 550; Dowson & Sartin 450; C Cutler 400. Overall averages: dogs 432 gns; pups 73 gns.