A park being restored to its 18th Century splendour has unveiled its new identity.

Hardwick Park, near Sedgefield, County Dur-ham, is being restored by owners Durham County Council with the help of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Its new logo, a spiral within a square, can be seen for the first time on a leaflet explaining the attractions and how the parkland will be restored during the next ten years.

The logo depicts the parkland as the central core, swirling out to encompass related attractions.

Council leader Ken Manton said: "We see Hardwick as being rather like a nut, with the kernel in the centre representing the historic landscape and the outer shell encompassing the modern visitor facilities, such as the Heritage Resource Centre.

"The original design for the Georgian landscape involved a series of views which the visitor encountered as they progressed around the garden.

"The logo mirrors that by using just a portion of the full spiral, suggesting there are other things as yet unseen.

"The emphasis and colouring of the logo, which will be used on all materials related to Hardwick Park, will change as we highlight Hardwick's differing aspects."

The county council has produced 35,000 copies of the leaflet, the first in a series of publications using the image.