ARTWORK detailing the rural history of Yorkshire is to go on sale in Northallerton later this month.

The scenes - including farm animals and horses - are by the Alderson sisters who were well-known for their distinctive painting style. The sisters, who came from Neasham, near Darlington, worked on the same painting, one starting from the right and the other from the left, meeting in the middle. Recently, there has been much interest in the Aldersons' and their paintings are in demand. Their art comes to auction for the first time at Northallerton Auctions on April 25, where more than 30 items will on sale.

A spokesman for the auctions said: "There will be something for everyone. Serious collectors will be interested in the large framed watercolours and postcards, but there are also smaller originals and postcard prints. Even if you are not intending to bid, you are still invited to view the collection before it is auctioned."

The paintings are on show at the Applegarth offices of Northallerton Auctions.