WE wish to correct any false impression given by a report we published on Wednesday, April 2, under the headline "Abattoir meat was falsely labelled". This reported a court case involving Stockton Butchers Slaughtering Company Limited.

The article wrongly implied that company director, Michael Broad, had been fined at Teesside Crown Court for selling meat that was older than it had been labelled. This was not the case. Rather, a company of which he is managing director was convicted on two counts of using a false stamp and fined £15,000 and ordered to pay £5,000 towards prosecution costs. We are asked to clarify that neither the company nor any of its directors was convicted of selling meat that was older than it was labelled.

In addition, we are pleased to confirm that the judge accepted that there was no evidence to implicate Mr Broad personally in any offence and directed that not guilty verdicts should be entered against him. We apologise to him and regret any confusion our report may have given rise to.