A HUGE wave of protest is expected to take place later this month when steelworkers will demonstrate over the threat of redundancy which is hanging over them.

Kevin Curran, regional secretary of the GMB Northern region, has warned the management of Corus to expect the first protest on Monday.

He was speaking after a joint meeting of Corus trade unions decided all the steel factories in the UK and Netherlands would hold a day of action.

Mr Curran said the protest would highlight the threat of redundancy which was hanging over British steel workers and the anger over a management bonus scheme introduced by Corus at the same time as the job cuts were announced.

Mr Curran said: "Corus workers have decided that enough is enough, and we will hold our day of action where we will demand the resignation of chief executive, Sir Brian Moffat.

"The GMB will vehemently oppose any compulsory redundancies all of the way and we will fight any attempt to reduce our current steel capacity.

"Our members are in no way to blame and it beggars belief that while our members' jobs are on the line, Corus management have awarded themselves a hefty bonus."