THE sites of some of the region's fiercest battles are being highlighted for historians and visitors alike.

A new leaflet describes three of the battlefields that lie in the Harrogate district of North Yorkshire.

The authority's conservation and design manager, David Rhodes, said: "We have a high percentage of battlefields in our district when compared with the rest of the country, and we get many requests for details about their sites.

"The battles mainly took place on farmland and most of the sites remain in agricultural use.

"We hope that this leaflet will inform visitors and have an educational role, as well as benefiting anyone who may own land within or around the English Heritage-registered battlefields."

Included in the leaflet is The Battle of Myton (1319), which took place during the Anglo-Scottish wars of the early 14th Century, and which gained Edward I the name Hammer of the Scots.

Also included is The Battle of Boroughbridge (1322), which was the outcome of a feud between Edward II and his cousin, Thomas Earl, of Lancaster.

The third battle is that of Marston Moor (1644), which was the largest and most decisive battle of the English Civil War.

It resulted in the Royalists losing control of the North, destroyed the military reputation of Prince Rupert, and greatly enhanced the prestige of Oliver Cromwell.

Copies of the leaflet are available from the council on (01423) 500600.