THE nominations are now in for Chester-le-Street District Council's forthcoming elections.

Eight of the council's 34 seats will not be contested in the elections on May 1, which means the council's existing Labour party candidates will continue to hold their seats.

Council leader Malcolm Pratt will also retire. Coun Pratt has served as a Labour member for the town's North ward since 1971, the first three years on the old urban district council and since 1974 on its successor, the district council.

Bournmoor Ward (two seats)

Geoffrey Armstrong (Lab); Thomas Henry Harland (Lab); Julie Ann Watson (C).

Chester Central Ward (two seats)

Desmond Greaves (no party); Robert William Hall (Lab); Gordon Arthur Nesham Kerr (Lab).

Chester East Ward (two seats)

Lancelot Edward William Brown (Ind); Sharon Gollan (Lab); David Michael Holding (Lab); Colin Stephinson (C).

Chester North Ward (three seats)

Beatrice Bainbridge (C); Christopher John Jukes (Lab); Robert Keith Lambert (Lab); Robert Richardson (Lab).

Chester South Ward (two seats)

Allan Bainbridge (C); George Keith Davidson (Lab); Linda Ebbatson (Lab).

Chester West Ward (two seats)

Martin James Gollan (Lab); Simon Antony Henig (Lab).

Edmondsley and Waldridge Ward (three seats)

John Edward Adey (Lab); David Staff Meek (Lab); Simon Christopher Lindsay Westrip (Lab).

Grange Villa and West Pelton Ward (one seat)

Keith Potts (Lab).

Kimblesworth and Plawsworth Ward (one seat)

Alan Keith Holden (Lab).

Lumley Ward (three seats)

Colin Carr (Lab); John Joseph Evans (Lab); Laurence Taylor (Lab); Mark Watson (C); Audrey Willis (Ind).

North Lodge Ward (two seats)

Justin Matthew Garrod (C); Peter Howard May (C); Jacqueline Maria Proud (known as Jackie) (Ind); Guy Starkey (Lab).

Ouston Ward (two seats)

Maureen Potts (Lab); David Mallary Graham Stoker (Lab).

Pelton Ward (three seats)

Kathryn Margaret Greenwell (Lab); Amanda Jane Hall (C); William Laverick (known as Bill) (Ind); Isabel Simpson Smith (Lab); Margaret Mary Thompson (Lab).

Pelton Fell Ward (one seat)

Mary Isabel Howey (Lab).

Sacriston Ward (three seats)

Ralph Harrison (Lab); Derek Leslie Robson (Lab); Allen Turner (Lab).

Urpeth Ward (two seats)

James William Barrett (known as Bill) (Lab); Allen Humes (Lab).