A SERGEANT from Guisborough is leading a team of Army recruiters from the Green Howards.

The team will be out and about in the North-East over the coming months with their new roadshow encouraging young people to consider a career in the modern, technologically-advanced infantry.

Headed by Sgt Chris Gent, the recruitment team will visit towns armed with information and advice about life as a Green Howards soldier.

The team will talk about pay and conditions, training and everyday life as a regular with the Green Howards - the local Army regiment for Teesside and North Yorkshire.

The team can also tell people about the wide variety of sports that are available to serving soldiers.

The 1st Battalion Green Howards recently won the Army Boxing Championships, and are also Army skiing champions.

The 1st Battalion is currently serving in Northern Ireland but in January 2004 they will be posted to Chepstow where they will be trained as a rapid-reaction force ready to be flown abroad at short notice.

The training will involve jungle warfare.

All new recruits to the regiment have the chance to learn to drive within their first twelve months of posting.

Sgt Gent said: "The Green Howards will be very visible on local streets - especially with our smart new recruiting caravan - and we hope that as many lads as possible will call in to see us.

"On our recruiting team we have a couple of 17-year-olds who have just completed their infantry training, so they can tell potential recruits at first hand what it involves."

To find out more about life in the Green Howards log on to www.greenhowards.org.uk