IT girl Tara Palmer-Tompkinson kicked up a fuss in a sports store yesterday - and ended up getting the boot.

Accident-prone Tara, 31, a star of TV's I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here, had been asked to open the £50m Dalton Park shopping complex in the former pit village of Murton, County Durham, and went to buy a pair of trainers before the official ceremony.

But after trying on a couple of pairs, she decided to try her hand at football.

Shop staff watched as she picked up a ball and tried to impress with her juggling skills.

The first attempt ended with a ball being stuck in roof joists before Tara began spraying shots around the shop.

Clothes were knocked from rails, trainers went flying and displays fell over before the Adidas store had opened to the public.

After ten minutes, the manager intervened and gave Tara her marching orders by telling her assistant it was time for her to leave.

One shopper said: "She just went mad. She kicked the ball so hard it got stuck in the rafters.

"So she picked up another and kicked it around the store. She had everyone in stitches laughing - except the manager.

"He gritted his teeth for about ten minutes because he obviously didn't want to offend her."

The fashion pundit then calmly walked out of the shop saying: "Oh no, I haven't upset them have I?"

Ten minutes later, Tara stood on a podium in front of fans and shoppers and unveiled the centre.