COUNCIL chiefs in Hambleton are getting tough on householders who send contaminated waste to compost sites.

They have been conducting spot checks after several loads of green waste containing plastic sacks and other rubbish were almost dumped.

The local authority team is looking for evidence that identifies which households have been sending the wrong rubbish.

About 6,000 Hambleton householders are piloting a scheme which asks them to separate their waste into two wheeled bins, which are collected on alternate weeks.

The scheme's success depends on the right waste going into the right bin.

Garden waste placed in the green bin must be loose and not placed in plastic sacks or bags. Plastic will contaminate the West Tanfield composting site it is taken to because it does not biodegrade for many years.

Ash, charcoal, fruit and vegetable peelings, or anything that has been in contact with a kitchen, must also not be put into the green bin.

In addition, only brown non-shiny cardboard, such as boxes, toilet roll centres or egg boxes, should be put in the bins.