THERE will be 151 candidates contesting 59 seats in 22 wards in Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council's first postal ballot.

The current state of the parties is: Labour 31, Conservative 14, Liberal Democrat 11, East Cleveland Independent 3.

The Boundary Commission has made alterations to 18 of the borough's 22 wards and changed two names - Belmont becomes Westworth, Redcar is renamed Zetland.

The postal ballot forms will start to be hand-delivered next week and should be in the homes of all the 105,000-plus electorate by Easter Monday.

There will be a two-week voting window, starting as soon as the ballot papers arrive. All the votes will be held safe and secure at Eston Town Hall.

The poll will officially close at 6pm on Thursday, May 1, and counting will start three hours later in Redcar Leisure Centre's main hall.

Here is the list of nominations in alphabetical ward order, with the number of seats available in brackets:

Brotton (three seats)

Eileen Goodenough (Lab), Brian Hogg (Lab), Barry Hunt (Lab), Roberta Jackson (Con), Valerie Miller (Lib Dem), Norma Morris (Lib Dem), Kay Walker (Lib Dem).

Coatham (two seats)

Josephine Crawford (Lib Dem), Irene Curr (Lib Dem), Edward Dolan (Con), Raymond Goddard (Lab), Paul McGrath (Lab), Allan Parsons (I).

Dormanstown (three seats)

Peter Abramson (I), Vilma Collins (Lab), Cliff Houlding (Lab), Elsie Houston (Lib Dem), Alan Langner (Lib Dem), Alan Slater (Lib Dem), Peter Todd (Lab), Frederick Walker (Con).

Eston (three seats)

Christopher Beadle (I), Stewart Dadd (Con), Patrick Harford (Lab), Ann Higgins (I), John Simms (Lab), Vincent Smith (I), David Walsh (Lab).

Grangetown (two seats)

Peter Dunlop (Lab), Philip Jeffels (Con), Harry Jones (Lib Dem), Lynn Pallister (Lab), Paul Tuffs (Lib Dem).

Guisborough (three seats)

Denise Bunn (Lab), Bill Clarke (Con), Anne Franklin (Con), John Hale (Con), Keith Pudney (Lab), David Punshon (Lab), Eileen Slater (Lib Dem).

Hutton (three seats)

Valerie Halton (Con), Graham Jeffery (Con), Arthur Kidd (Lib Dem), Shelagh Kidd (Lib Dem), Judith Mackuin (Lib Dem), Simon Matthews (Lab), Denise Robson (Lab), Peter Spencer (Con).

Kirkleatham (three seats)

Kelly Abbott (Lib Dem), Joan Bolton (Con), Norman Davies (Lab), Brenda Forster (Lab), Mark Hannon (Lab), Carol Johnson (Lib Dem), Michael Moody (Con), John Reveley (Lib Dem), Jacqueline Rouse (Con).

Lockwood (one seat)

Stephen Kay (ECI).

Loftus (three seats)

Stephanie Aplin-Wakefield (ECI), Linda Bell (I), Roger Clipsham (Lab), David Fitzpatrick (ECI), Eric Jackson (Lab), Susan King (Con), Mary Lanigan (ECI), Christine Swales (Lab).

Longbeck (three seats)

Norah Cooney (Con), Victoria Crawford (Lib Dem), Andrew Dixon (Con), Mike Findley (I), Patricia Fisher (Lib Dem), Vera Moody (Con), Margaret Plummer (Lib Dem), Mike Stephen (Lab).

Newcomen (two seats)

Chris Abbott (Lib Dem), Glynis Abbott (Lib Dem), George Bolton (Con), Frederick Forster (Lab), Allan Gwenlan (Con).

Normanby (three seats)

Jennifer Bell (Con), Andrew Broadhurst (Lib Dem), Sarah Dadd (Con), Carole Ealand (Lab), Paul Lennox (Con), Marjorie Paskin (Lib Dem), Florence Sefton (Lib Dem), David Tomlin (Lab), Wendy Wall (Lab).

Ormesby (three seats)

Mary Dadd (Con), Eric Empson (Lib Dem), Glyn Nightingale (Lib Dem), Irene Nightingale (Lib Dem), Richard White (Lab).

Saltburn (three seats)

Jill Clarke (Lib Dem), Brian Grierson (Lib Dem), Joan Guy (Lab), Cyril Hammond (Lab), Barbara Harpham (Con), Lilla Reveley (Lib Dem), John Robinson (Con), Joan Sands (Con).

Skelton (three seats)

Brian Briggs (Lab), James Carrolle (Con), Michael King (Con), Dave McLuckie (Lab), Helen McLuckie (Lab), Geoffrey Shaw (Con).

South Bank (three seats)

Stuart Bell (Con), Angela Draper (Lib Dem), Michele Elcoate (Lib Dem), Pearl Hall (Lab), Ian Jeffrey (Lab), Sylvia Szintai (Lab).

St Germains (three seats)

Peter Atkinson (I), Peter Briggs (Lab), Bill Goodwill (Lib Dem), James Hill (Lab), John Moody (Con), Marjorie Moses (Lib Dem), Vera Rider (Con), Kenneth Seymour (I), Margaret Wilson (Lib Dem).

Teesville (three seats)

Sheelagh Clarke (Lab), Gillian Cockburn (Lib Dem), Kenneth Cockburn (Lib Dem), George Dunning (Lab), Paul Jackson (I), Andrew Leach (Con), Andrew Harris (Con), Norman Pickthall (Lab), Gordon Plummer (Lib Dem), David Tabner (Con).

West Dyke (three seats)

Joyce Benbow (Lib Dem), Keith Blott (Lib Dem), Michael Blott (Lab), Adele Coleman (Con), Gillian Dadd (Con), Kenneth Emmerson (Con), Mary Ovens (Lib Dem).

Westworth (two seats)

John Birtill (Lab), Tressa Cooper (ECI), Bruce Mackenzie (ECI), Michael McGee (Lab), Alma Thrower (Con), David Williams (I).

Zetland (two seats)

Arthur Clarke (Lib Dem), John Curr (Lib Dem), Paul Dixon (Lab), Albert Mills (Lab), Robert Stanway (Con), Jean White (Con).

Key: Lab - Labour, Con - Conservative, Lib Dem - Liberal Democrat, ECI - East Cleveland Independent, I - Independent.