ANYONE with a story to tell about Hartlepool's Headland is being urged to come forward.

A search has begun for people to help with a new project to attract more visitors to the Headland and help them explore the area's heritage and traditions.

The plan is to develop a story trail around the area. Signs will direct people to places reflecting the Headland's history.

Topics may include the Headland's medieval and Christian heritage, as well as its maritime and First World War role, including the 1914 bombardment of the Headland.

Other subjects could include the monkey tale, as well as the Headland's link with cartoon character Andy Capp and his creator Reg Smythe.

It is hoped a professional historian or writer will be appointed in the autumn to work with Headland residents, schools and community groups to identify and develop suitable stories for the trail.

Mary Paterson, the arts officer who is leading the project, said: "We are very keen to hear from any local people or groups who have a good knowledge of the Headland history and folklore, and who would be interested in working with the writer.

"This is an exciting and unusual project which will celebrate the rich variety of the Headland's heritage.

"Once finished, the story trail will help raise the profile of the Headland and will help attract new visitors to the area."

The project is being led by North Hartlepool Partnership, which is using money from the development agency One NorthEast.

To get involved, call Ms Paterson on (01429) 523466.