BUSINESSES in Darlington are being asked to sign up to a new Flyers Code of Practice in an effort to reduce littering.

The borough council is concerned about flyers - free literature used by businesses to attract customers - becoming a major source of littering.

The authority has developed the voluntary code of practice, as part of its anti-litter campaign and has written to many businesses in the town centre.

Keith Atkinson, the council's assistant director of public protection, said: "The Flyer Code of Practice is all about the council, traders and members of the public working together to reduce the amount of litter caused by flyers.

"The code provides businesses and the people who distribute the flyers with useful advice and guidance on responsible use of flyers and simple steps that can be taken to help avoid littering.

"We must also remember that the public have a part to play and should dispose of unwanted flyers appropriately and not throw them on the ground, contributing to litter."