SW Durham Vets League: Sherburn moved to the top of the First Division following their whitewash home win over Crook Glenholme by 63 shots to 46.

Rink scores (Sherburn names first): N. McDonald 23 R. Bibby 15; T. Burt 24 B. Richardson 16; R. Smith 16 A. Bainbridge 15.

Leeholme took up second place in the First Division with a four points lead over Langley Park B, Willington and Cockton Hill.

Addison Park were able to take over equal second place in the Second Division after they only dropped two points to the visiting King George V. The Park won by 63 shots to 50.

Rink scores (Addison Park names first): R. Bell 24 J. Emerson 14; B. Miller 20 I.C. Young 22; J. Wilson 19 K. McDonald 14.

Bishop Auckland lifted themselves up to equal third place after they won by four points at Spennymoor B, who also share third spot as well as Shildon Railway B. The Bishops won by 53 shots to 46.

Rink scores (Spennymoor B names first): J. Allaker 15 C. White 18; C. Robson 18 J. Robinson 13; T. Durkin 13 J. Bowron 22.

Fishburn lead the Third Division by four points from Mainsforth, who are two points ahead of the three teams sharing third place.

Results: Division One: Cockton Hill A 8 Shildon Railway A 0; Leeholme 8 Willington 0; Sherburn 8 Crook Glenholme 0. Spennymoor A v Langley Park B postponed.

Division Two: Chilton 8 Dean Bank 0; Langley Park A 6 Durham City 2; Wolsingham 4 Shildon Town 4; Addison Park 6 King George V 2.

Division Three: Spennymoor B 2 Bishop Auckland 6; Mainsforth 8 Spennymoor C 0; Fishburn 8 Belmont 0. Shildon Railway B v Cockton Hill B postponed.

South West Durham League

The promoted sides had contrasting fortunes in the first game of the new season. Shildon Town A enjoyed a win but Addison Park lost.

Results: Division One: Cockton Hill 8 Glenholme 2; Langley Park 0 Spennymoor A 10; Leeholme 8 Brandon 2; Mainsforth 8 Addison Park 2; Shildon Town A 8 Shildon Railway 2.

Division Two: Spectrum 8 Kelloe 2; Spennymoor Jubilee 6 Wolsingham 4; Spennymoor Town 6 Shildon Town B 4; Bishop Auckland v Cockton Hill no result.

Fixtures: Diviision One: Brandon v Glenholme; Langley Park v Shildon Town A; Leeholme v Cockton Hill; Shildon Railway v Mainsforth; Spennymoor A v Addison Park.

Division Two: Cockton Hill B v Fishburn; Kelloe v Spennymoor Town; Shildon Town B v Wolsingham; Spectrum v Spennymor Jubilee.