Trooper Matthew Tapp came home from the war last week and met his son for the first time.

He was met at Catterick Garrison's Cambrai Barracks by fiance Emma Jarrett, 22, and five-week-old Kieron.

Trooper Tapp, 23, from Cwmbran in South Wales, said: "I'm just glad to be home and to have got the job done."

Trooper Merrich Lacey, 20, from Pontypridd, was delighted to be home for the birth of his first child soon. His wife Lyanne is eight months pregnant.

They were among 50 soldiers from 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (Welsh cavalry) to get a flight back.

In all, 600 soldiers from the regiment were deployed in South-East Iraq as part of Operation Telic. Many were involved in the fiercest fighting around Basra.

Soldiers from the Queen's Division Normandy Band also returned last week to be heralded by colleagues from the King's Division Waterloo Band.