FUNDS raised by supporters of a boarding school for Sherpa children in Katmandu have been personally delivered.

The money was raised by pupils, parents and staff at Queen Mary's, an independent school for girls at Baldersby, near Thirsk.

More than £1,000 was taken to the Himalayan country by Chris Brown and Chris I'Anson during a climbing trip to the Everest base camp.

Chris Brown, a farmer from Baldersby, is an experienced mountaineer who has conquered Everest while Chris I'Anson is chairman of one of the UK's leading manufacturers of animal feedstuffs.

The Sapta Gandaki Secondary School in Katmandu was founded by Ang Rita Sherpa and three others in 1993. It has more than 100 students between the ages of 3 and 16 from Sherpa families and teaches a range of subjects.

Ang Rita visited Chris Brown at his farm in 2000.

During his trip he forged a friendship with Queen Mary's School, which is attended by two of Chris I'Anson's nieces.

Inspired by meeting the Sherpa, Queen Mary's went on to undertake a programme of fund-raising initiatives to raise the funds to sponsor Ang Rita's son, Pemba, 13.

The money that they managed to raise this time will support Pemba through three years of his education.