The parents of a North-East soldier who died in suspicious circumstances have made an emotional visit to the spot where he was found dead.

Private Geoff Gray, 17, of Seaham, County Durham was discovered with two gunshot wounds to the head at Deepcut Barracks, Surrey in September 2001.

His parents, Diane and Geoff Gray, were allowed access to the camp on Saturday following a silent protest at a visit to the barracks by Princess Anne.

The visit comes as a report by independent forensic investigator Frank Swann, to be published at the end of the month, slams the military for destroying evidence and failing to follow proper procedures.

Mr Swann was allowed access to Deepcut to investigate the deaths of four soldiers, on behalf of their families. His findings, which support the theory that Geoff was murdered, are to be presented to the families and Surrey Police.

Mrs and Mr Gray left a bunch of flowers at the place where Geoff was killed.

Last night Geoff Gray said the visit to the place where his son died left him angry.

He said: "I was amazed at how open the spot was where Geoff died. I do not know how they did not find Geoff the first time they searched the area. He was found the fourth time they checked the area near the perimeter fence, only an arms length away.

"We were also told that around 100 people sleeping in building close by had not heard a thing that night. "Yet on our visit we heard people on the firing range, a mile away. It is just amazing.

"I have never been more angry in all by life.

"Geoff and James Collinson were both found lying in the same position with their badges missing. "It only confirmed my suspicions that Geoff was murdered."

Surrey Police are currently investigating the deaths of Pte Gray, Pte Collinson, 17, of Perth, Cheryle James, 18, of Wales and Pte Sean Benton, 20, of Sussex.

Detectives are waiting for the results of ballistics tests which have been sent to Germany.