Durham League: Ever Ready/Craghead shot to the top of the First Division after they whitewashed their visitors from Langley Park.

This result moved them three points clear of Crook Glenholme and five points ahead of Sherburn Village.

Ever Ready/Craghead beat Langley Park by 100 shots to 44 with the rink scores (ERC names first) A. Brown 32 R. Seymour 9; G. Williams 19 A. Calvert 8; P. Calvert 25 F. Bates 10; M. English 24 D. Henderson 17.

Nevilles Cross held on to the top spot in the Second Division after beating the visiting Newton Hall by six points. The home side won by 86 shots to 56 with the rink scores (Nevilles Cross names first) R. Henderson 26 G. Mein 11; K. Peacock 24 D. Fishburn 11; A. Firth 21 K. Yarnell 17; S. King 15 J. Vickery 17.

Pelton Fell went down at home to Sherburn Village, allowing the visitors to move up to third place with a win by 84 shots to 75. The rink scores (Pelton Fell names first) were R. Edgell 26 T. Burt 10; J. Hutchinson 20 R. Forster 24; B. Lonsdale 16 R. Smith 25; C. Chapman 13 V. Simpson 25.

Results: Division One: Shotton 4 Crook Glenholme 6; Wingate 4 Leeholme 6; Bowburn 7 Coxhoe 3; Ever Ready/Craghead 10 Langley Park 0; Pelton Fell 2 Sherburn Village 8.

Division Two: Wheatley Hill 8 Vane Tempest 2; Trimdon 4 Murton 6; Nevilles Cross 8 Newton Hall 2; Addison Park 6 Brandon 4; King George V 9 Witton Gilbert 1.

Division Three: Wolsingham 8 Cockton Hill 2; Mainsforth 6 Chilton 4; Fishburn WM Club 5 Willington Spectrum 5; Kelloe 2 Belmont 8.

Matches for Saturday: Division One: Ever Ready/Craghead v Pelton Fell; Langley Park v Coxhoe; Bowburn v Wingate; Leeholme v Shotton; Crook Glenholme v Sherburn Village.

Division Two: Addison Park v King George V; Brandon v Nevilles Cross; Newton Hall v Trimdon; Murton v Wheatley Hill; Vane Tempest v Witton Gilbert.

Division Three: Belmont v Fishburn WM Club; Willington Spectrum v Mainsforth; Chilton v Wolsingham; Cockton Hill v Dean and Chapter.

Central Ladies League

Last season's champions, Vane Tempest made a poor start to the new season when they went down at Durham City by 78 shots to 74 and by two points overall. The rink scores (with Durham City names first) were Doreen McWilliams, Jean Cooper and Pat Purvis 22 Brenda Bland, Dorothy Fenwick and Margaret Colling 9; Dorothy Appleby, Ann Atkinson and Joyce Davies 18 June Smith, June Owen and Elizabeth Prudhoe 18; Niall Hart, Margaret Sutton and Pat Smith 17 Thelma Gibson, Margaret Stevens and Audrey Charlton 31; Joyce Woodward, Margaret Sutton and Pat Smith 21 Dorothy Hudson, Florence Slinn and Hazel Dunn 16.

King George V made a good start to the season with a three points victory at Bishop Auckland by 82 shots to 69. The rink scores (with Bishop Auckland names first) were Mary Alderson, Doris Rewcastle and Edith Dunn 16 Joan Sedgewick, Enid Crozier and Margaret Kirk 21; Eileen Atkinson, Nina Brooksbank and Norma Cooper 26 June McGann, Vera Ferguson and Margaret Allison 17; Beryl Airey, Ann Milner and Ann Camp 15 Joy Harker, Jean Mather and Margaret Howey 23; Margaret White Gladys orton and Mary Percy 12 Joan Rutter, Ann Rogerson and Jean Hardman 21.

Results: Dean Bank 3 Brandon 2; Mainsforth 1 Spennymoor 4; Cockton Hill 1 Pelton Fell 4; Bishop Auckland 1 King George V 4; Durham City 3.5 Vane Tempest 1.5.

Durham League Singles Championship

Preliminary round draw: A. Waggot (Addison Park) v R. Ledger (Ever Ready/Craghead); J. Taylor (Leeholme) v K. Yarnell (Newton Hall); G. Williams (Ever Ready/Craghead) v B. Harrison (Mainsforth); K. Easton (Ever Ready/Craghead) v R. Firth (Nevilles Cross); B. Slinn (Nevilles Cross) v P. Calvert (Ever Ready/Craghead); T. Dougherty (Addison Park) v J. Doney (Witton Gilbert); C. Jefferson (Leeholme) or G. Alderson (Sherburn Village); D. Jones (Mainsforth) v D. Parkin (Witton Gilbert); B. Taylor (Fishburn) v J. Layfield (Sherburn Village). Matches to be played by 31 May.

Durham Pairs Championship

Preliminary round draw: A. Bainbridge & D. Belton (Crook Glenholme) v T. Cowley & D. Leonard (Sherburn Village); B. Sones & T. Greenwood (Nevilles Cross) v P. Thompson & S. Underwood (Newton Hall); E. Robinson & J. Moore (Belmont) v R. Jefferson & B. Stockport (Trimdon); M. English & A. Lyes (Ever Ready/Craghead) v D. Parkin & J. Doney (Witton Gilbert); J. Vickery & K. Yarnell (Newton Hall) v C. Chapman & R. Rose (Pelton Fell); D. Arnold & B. Wood (Belmont) v J. Layfield & V. Simpson (Sherburn Village); J. Taylor & C. Jefferson (Leeholme) v I. Milburn & D. Wilkinson (Belmont). Results to be in by 31 May.

Durham County Hospital Cup

Preliminary round draw of this triples competition, where all the entry fees are donated to the hospital and Topline trophies of Wheatley Hill sponsor the trophies, is: G. Williams, R. Ledger & S. Sheavils (Ever Ready/Craghead) v J. Sedgewick & partners (Langley Park); I. Hudson, R. Hindson & B. Slinn (Nevilles Cross) v W. Miller, E. Charlton & E. Sample (Brandon). Matches to be completed by 31 May.

Durham League Triples Championship

Preliminary round draw: C. Chapman, R Rose, B. Lonsdale (Pelton Fell) v I. Milburm, J. Moore, D. Wilkinson (Belmont); M. English, A. Brown, A. Lyes (Ever Ready/Craghead) v A. Thompsom, J Bolas, L Padfield (Crook Glenholme); G. Williams, T. Talbot, S. Sheavils (Ever Ready/Craghead) v A. Charlton, W. Rowntree, J. Webster (Sherburn Village); D. Fishburn, S. Smitb, G. Mein (Newton Hall) v J. Wilson, R. Curry and partner (Brandon); T. Dougherty, A. Waggot, J. Tbompson (Addison Park) v A. Bainbridge, D. Belton, J. Chatterton (Crook Glenholme); I. Hudson, R. Hindson, B. Slinm (Nevilles Cross) v J. Kelly, G. Gibson, B. Coates (Wingate); F Sanderson, W. Applegarth, D Hall (Murton) v I.C. Young, K. MacDonald, D Hall (King George V); W. Maddison and partners (Mainsforth) v R. Jones, K Atkinson and partner (Wingate); N McDonald, B. Forster, R. Flowers (Sherburn Village) v W. Hughes, R. Presho, A. Healer (Wingate). Results to be in by 31 May.

Peterlee Town Open Mixed Pairs Competition quarter finals

Teresa and Joe Sergeant 8, Linda and Bob George 5; Pat and Jim Temperley 9, Margaret and Bill Johnston 8; Denise and Stephen Lee 14, Pam White/Alan Tait 10; Masie West/Mark Higgins 11, Margaret and George Coulson 10.

Semi-finals: T and J Sergeant 12, P and J Temperley 7; D and S Lee 11, M West/M Higgins 10.

Final: Denise and Stephen Lee 19, Teresa and Joe Sergeant 9.

Eldon Grove Pairs

The Mason and Martin Eldonn Grove Open Pairs will take place on June 1 and June 8. The composition is of Ladies Men or Mixed Pairs and entries can be sent to Alan Gunner (01429) 870151.