Colburn Health and Recreation Centre

With seven weeks gone it couldn't be tighter. FC Spoons earned a battling draw against an improving McDees, both Colburn Town teams, Mean Machine and Le Maginot keep up pressure on Legionnaires. Upex beat an improving Hill Giftware with Dynamo Catterick, Plop Shots, Each Other, Wathgill and Leathleys Lads struggling for points.

May 6: Legionnaires 12, Leathleys Lads 0; Each Other 1, Team Mean Machine 2; Colburn Town A 5, Wathgill Wanderers 0; McDees 3, FC Spoons 3.

May 7: 150 Plop Shots 3, Colburn Town B 7; Le Maginot 3, Dynamo Catterick 1; Hill Giftware 1, Upex 7.