THREE students have received silver crosses for their contribution to college and community life.

An election was held among staff and students at Northallerton College to determine which male and female pupil most deserved the Cuthbert Crosses.

The clear winner among the boys was Mat Brudenell, 18, whose achievements include a sponsored cycle ride to help to a 'hearing dog' for a profoundly deaf college teacher, fundraising and Lions activities.

His success follows hot on the heels of brother and fellow student Luke, 15, who represented England at an international badminton tournament last weekend, as reported in last week's Advertiser.

Mat, from Brompton, said: "I know a lot of people have done things for the college, so it is quite a privilege to receive this cross. All the things I have done I have enjoyed doing and I never expected to be awarded for them - but it is a good feeling and I'll be going out tonight to celebrate."

For the first time in five years the voting resulted in a dead heat between two female contenders Jennifer Buckley, 18, and Jess Jones, 19, who each receive a replica of the cross as a memento.

Both Jennifer and Jess are members of the Student Council and have done a lot of charitable work as Millennium Volunteers.

The Cuthbert Cross awards were set up more than 90 years ago at the college to mark links between the former grammar school and Durham Cathedral.

The crosses were presented by chairman of governors John Dennis.

He said: "The joy of my job is seeing people like you making this college such a success."