Wear Valley Ladies League: The outstanding matches to qualify for Finals Night were held at two venues. At Crook Three Blue Bells, Howden Sunnydene Lodge qualified for the final of the team Knockout when they beat Crook Mill House 2-1. The Howden team continue their success when they went on to beat Crook White Swan 4-0 to qualify for the final of the Team Singles.

The results for the semi-finals of the Open Pairs played at Crook Mill House were Irene Clark and Margaret Storey beat Mary Saunders and Emma Fleming 2-0, whilst Carol Haygarth and Tracey Thompson beat Joan Mills and Betty Chapman by the same score.

In the qualifier for the Open Singles, Valerie Hope beat Tracey Thompson 2-0. Crook Golden Fleece qualified for the final of the Team Singles when they beat Oakenshaw 4-1. Oakenshaw also failed in t to reach the final of the four-a-side when they were beaten 4-2 by Crook Coach and Horses.

Weardale Ladies

Deborah Thompson of Hare and Hounds equalled the 120 highest finish in the last match of the season.

Results: Eastgate Cross Keys 3 Wolsingham Black Lion A 6; Stanhope Bonny Moor Hen 3 Wolsingham Black Bull 6; Stanhope Grey Bull 6 Rookhope WMC 3; St Johns Chapel Golden Lion B 5 St Johns Chapel Golden Lion A 4; St Johns Chapel Blue Bell A 6 Blanchland Sports Club 3; Stanhope Queens Head 3 Wolsingham WMC 6; Wolsingham Black Lion B 2 Westgate Hare and Hounds 7; Rookhope A 1 Wolsingham Mill Race 8; Stanhope Pack Horse 2 St Johns Chapel Blue Bell B 7.

Top scores: Gwen Ferguson 140; Cath Smith 137; Wyn Sewell 137 (Black Lion A); Margaret Parker 145 (Bonny Moor Hen).

Final table: Blue Bell B 213; Mill Race 203; Wolsingham WMC 187; Hare and Hounds 185; Pack Horse 179; Golden Lion B 160; Blue Bell A 151; Black Lion A 150; Sports Club 145; Queens Head 144; Golden Lion A 141; Black Bull and Rookhope A 136; Bonny Moor Hen and Grey Bull 127; Cross Keys 124; Rookhope WMC 121; Black Lion B 109.

CIU Championship

First round results: C. Pears (Consett Victoria) lost to E. Bain (Pelaw); A. Leach (South Moor Excelsior) beat D. Harrison (Trimdon Colliery); K. Sanderson (Crook Belle Vue) beat B. Sheldon (Byers Green); C. Cullen (Consett Victoria) lost to M. Hughes (Byers Green); A. Chalmers (Alberta) beat G. Miller (Stanley Empire); E. Ives (Alberta) lost to T. Warren (South Moor Excelsior); G. Leggett (Osborne) lost to K. Elliott (New Hesledon); P. Knighton (Crook Belle Vue) beat P. Telford (Stanley Central); S. Irving (New Hesledon) lost to B. Chapman (South Moor Excelsior); G. Grieve (Grange Villa) beat P. Bamborough (New Hesledon); C. Dominey (Leadgate) beat D. Wright (Consett Victoria); G. Taylor (Ferryhill) beat S. Irwin (New Hesledon); J. Sneath (Crook Belle Vue) beat O. Hall (Stanley Empire); G. Wallace (Sherburn Village) beat D. Conroy (South Moor Excelsior); P. Lenagh (Coxhoe) beat P. Owens (Trimdon Colliery); G. Appleby (Leadgate) beat M. McDonald (Byers Green); R. Young (Grange Villa) beat D. Hughes (Burnhope Ivy Leaf); J. Ashett (New Hesledon) beat S. Graham (Byers Green); C. Whittaker (Stanley Empire) beat R. Foreman (Leadgate); K. Newton Crook Belle Vue) lost to P. Borthwick (Consett Victoria); G. Hill (Burnside) beat P. Laybourne (Trimdon Colliery); D. Dodds (Stanley Central) beat E. Risbridger (Sacriston); G. Hodgson (New Hesledon) beat A. McCarthy (Alberta); T. Ward (Cockton Hill) beat R. Usher (Crowtrees); J. Robinson (Trimdon Colliery) beat J. Cook (Trimdon Collliery); D. Young (Grange Villa) beat K. Clarey (Cockfield); T.W.Clark (Sherburn Village) beat E. Lumley (Burnhope Ivy Leaf); R. Cook (Stanley Empire) beat G Curry (Relton Terrace).

CIU Pairs Championship

First round: W. Robinson & G. Arkley (New Hesledon) lost to P. Lenagh & J. Dixon (Coxhoe); S. Errington & R. Cook (Stanley Empire) lost to T.W. Clark & G. Wallace (Sherburn Village); T. Ward & R. Scott (Cockton Hill) beat D. Gardner & K. Clarey (Cockfield); A. Jennings & E. Williamson (Murton Victoria) lost to R. Young & A. Morrison (Grange Villa); E. Bain & T. Dun (Pelaw) lost to D. Gutteridge & G. Hardy (Alberta); K. Elliott & J. Ashett (New Hesledon) beat R. Foreman & G. Appleby (Leadgate); D. McCarthy & J. Sneath (Crook Belle Vue) beat J. Lee & A. Hewitson (Burnhope Ivy Leaf); P.Telford & D. Dodds (Stanley Central) beat J. Weldon & D. Cherry (Sacriston); W. Telford & E. Ives (Alberta) beat G. Russell & C. Dobson (Burnopfield Victory); T. Kerr & M. McDonald (Byers Green) lost to A. Chalmers & A. Jackson (Alberta); K. Newton & J. Heathcote (Crook Belle Vue) beat C. Cossey & B. Chapman (South Moor Excelsior); D. Tinkler & G. Walker (Osborne) lost to D. Hughes & E. Lumley (Burnhope Ivy Leaf); P. Knighton & K. Sanderson (Crook Belle Vue) beat O. Hall & K. Wright (Stanley Empire); C. Barron & F. Rusher (Crowtrees) lost to J. Todd & A. Leach (South Moor Excelsior); J. Robinson & D. Harrison (Trimdon Colliery) lost to D. Young & G. Grieve (Grange Villa); M. Lumley & G. Curry (Relton Terrace) beat D. Cullen & C. Cullen (Consett Victoria).

Newcastle Breweries Thursday Night Invitation League

Individual KO to be played May 22 at the Fire Station, 8.30pm start.

J Hunter v P Atherton; S Tunstall v K Hewson; C Swainston v M Wells; M Williamson v E Hunter.

Tickets for presentation night June 19 at the Fire Station will be on general sale on a first come first served basis. Ring Dot on 487930 for details.