Worthington Durham County Summer League: Spennymoor A began the Summer League where they left off in the Winter league for they only dropped one point to the visiting Newton Aycliffe, who had John Briddick play a captain's role by taking their lone point.

The winners for the Moors were Paul Atkinson, Eddie Rhodes, Paul Biddle and Carl Welsh.

Witton Gilbert made a very strong start to the new season when they only dropped one point to the visiting Wheatley Hill. Witton had points from John Rooney junior, Ian Renwick, John Rooney senior and Willis Joynes, whilst Dave Walker took the only point for the Hill.

Newhouse moved into the First Division but lost their first match at Brandon in the decider. Graeme Jackson put the home side ahead but Jimmy Hassen and Kevin Allison won for Newhouse. Colin Goodrick squared the match before Brian Graham took Brandon to victory by beating Steve Mountain.

Willington took the first point at Sherburn Village through Tom Parkin but then slipped behind when the home side had wins from Adrian Twist and John Bower. Jeremy Martin levelled the scores and then Willington won the decider when Arthur Goldsborough beat Alan Greener.

Fishburn A were never headed when they entertained Shotton Palms. Charlie Hirst put the home side ahead but Jimmy Evans equalised. Brian Quest restored the home lead only to see Dave Swindle equalise. In the decider, Fishburn's John Griffin beat John Armstrong.

Ferryhill showed no signs of despondency after being relegated to Division Two for they began their season with a good home win over Crook Belle Vue, who had John Warriner as their only winner. The home side had wins from Steve Wray, Neil Spender, Glyn Toas and Bernie Jones.

Wheatley Hill B beat the visiting Langley Park in the decider. Dave Blyth put the Hill ahead but Peter Morgan levelled. Steve Cave restored the home lead only to see Kevin Keers equalise. In the decider, Jock Frost beat Robert Roche, who was returning to the Park team after a year out.

Spennymoor B won by the odd point at Durham City. The Moors had wins from Shaun Archer, who was making his debut, Wayne Parry and Alan Clark, whilst the home side replied with wins from Gary Ward and Barry Stoddart.

Stanley Central got away to an excellent start at Meadowfield with wins from Walter Cornell and Jim Dufton. However the home side recovered with wins from Malcolm Hughes and John Jackson and then Craig Hughes beat Frank Forster in the decider.

Wingate raced into a winning lead against the visiting Crowtrees with points from Paul Harrison, Jimmy Mason and John Bourne. The visitors fought back to take the last two frames through Sean Johnston and Keith McLauchlan.

Leeholme A made a great start to their season when they took the first three points against the visiting Sacriston with wins from Barry Shaw. Lawrence Jones and Ian North. The visitors recovered to take the last two points through Alan Richardson and Mark Appleby.

Dave Hudspeth took the first point ever for Leeholme B against Bearpark, but he proved their only winner as the home side went to victory with wins from Alan Smith, Paul Wilson, Glen Morton and David Jackson.

The first Tow Law derby for a few years saw the A team go three up when Doug Watson beat Malcolm Umpelby, Heppell Hodgson beat Paul Chollerton and Tommy Williams beat Adam Orton. However the B team fought back when John Wilson beat Stephen Laing and Lee Stockdale beat Ernie McEleavey.

Coundon were never headed on their visit to New Durham. Stephen Bennett, a new signing from Old Shildon, put Coundon ahead but Thomas Cairns levelled. Frank Nicholson restored the visitors lead only to see Brian Birks equalise. In the decider Coundon's Mally Ryder beat Kevin Scullion.

Fishburn B recovered from trailing twice on their visit to Hunwick to snatch victory when George Whitelock beat Paul Maddison in the decider. John Bate had put the home side ahead with Jamie Hodgson levelling. Des Mason restored the home lead but Alan Wilson set up the decider.

Results: Leeholme A 3 Sacriston 2; Wingate 3 Crowtrees 2; Fishburn A 3 Shotton Palms 2; Tow Law A 3 Tow Law B 2; Wheatley Hill B 3 Langley Park 2; Spennymoor A 4 Newton Aycliffe 1; Bearpark 4 Leeholme B 1; Ferryhill 4 Crook Belle Vue 1; Brandon 3 Newhouse 2; Hunwick 2 Fishburn B 3; Meadowfield 3 Stanley Central 2; Sherburn Village 2 Willington 3; New Durham 2 Coundon 3; Durham City 2 Spennymoor. B 3; Witton Gilbert 4 Wheatley Hill A 1.

* Anyone interested in becoming a qualified referee can attend a course, conducted by Vera Selby, EASB examiner and seven times World Ladies snooker champion, on Monday, 16 June by submitting their names to the secretary on 01388 730444 or at the next league meeting at 7.30 pm in Meadowfield Club on Thursday, 29 May.

South West Durham Association

Darlington Cricket Club A dropped their first point of the season when they visiting Newton Aycliffe Southerne Club took a single frame. This allowed Bishop Auckland Golf Club to pull up level after they whitewashed their hosts at Darlington Snooker Club A. Both teams hold a 100 per cent record and have built up a seven points lead over the four teams who share the third place in the First Division.

The Second Division is very much tighter with four teams sharing the top spot. Northgate have a 100 per cent record, whilst Old Shildon and Barnard Castle Glaxo are unbeaten to share the honour with Bishop Auckland Gents A, who have accumulated enough points despite suffering a defeat.

Results: Hopetown 2 Darlington Cricket Club B 2; Darlington Cricket Club A 3 Southerne Club 1; Darlington Snooker Club A 0 Bishop Auckland Golf Club 4; Darlington Rileys 3 Bishop Auckland Cricket Club 1; Old Shildon 4 Bishop Auckland Gents B 0; Bishop Auckland Gents A 1 Northgate 3; Tindale Crescent 1 Shildon Elm Road 3; Barnard Castle Glaxo 4 Darlington Snooker Club B 0.

Worthington Durham County Winter League

Top Ten breaks in the First Division: 1 Michael Pratt (Old Shildon) 116; 2 Stephen Bennett (Old Shildon) 74; 3 Michael Pratt (Old Shildon) 65; 4 equal Ian Renwick (Witton Gilbert) and Graeme Jackson (Brandon) 63; 6 Eddie Rhodes (Spennymoor A) 61; 7 equal Dave Walker (Wheatley Hill) and Billy Goggins (Old Shildon) 60; 9 Paul Biddle (Spennymoor A) 56; 10 Michael Hewitt (Newton Aycliffe) 54.

Top Ten breaks in the Second Division: 1 John Bourne (Wingate) 67; 2 Steven Armstrong (Belmont) 47; 3 Ian Fawcett (Ferryhill) 45; 4 equal Stephen Coates (Langley Park) and Arian Jones (Ferryhill) 44; 6 David Jackson (Bearpark) 43; 7 Ray Coates (Langley Park) 42; 8 equal Sonny Hann (Crowtrees A) and Shaun Easter (Bearpark) 41; 10 John Bourne (Wingate) 37.

Top Ten breaks in the Third Division: 1 Frank Nicholson (Coundon) 61; 2 Dale Evans (Sacriston) 42; 3 Thomas Cairns (New Durham) 40; 4 Michael Pratt (Durham City) 39; 5 Barry Shaw (Leeholme A) 38; 6 Frank Nicholson (Coundon) 32; 7 equal George Whitelock (Fishburn B), Steve Bradley (Sacriston) and Kevin Laing (Sacriston) 31; 10 equal Brian Dunn (Durham City) and John Warriner (Crook Belle Vue) 30.

Worthington CIU Singles Handicap

Karl Thompson of Leeholme landed the first singles trophy for the team when he won the Handicap Singles by beating Stephen Coates of Langley Park at Crowtrees.

Thompson received 17 points per frame start and extended this lead with a couple of early blacks. Thompson fought back into the frame but, when attempting a safety shot on the brown sent the cue ball across the table, where it knocked in the black. Thompson took the frame at 72-52 when he cleared up to the pink.

The second frame followed a similar pattern with Thompson establishing an early lead but Coates again fought his way back to have a good chance with a possible clearance from the green. However he missed the chance with Thompson taking advantage of the situation and clearing the balls to win 70-49.

The third frame was very close throughout although it moved to the point where Coates needed a snooker with only the pink and black remaining. The black was on the cushion making Coates task extremely difficult but Thompson was finding it difficult to roll the pink into the jaws of a pocket. When Coates tried a safety on the pink he was unlucky to foul with Thompson taking advantage by potting the pink for a 54-34 victory.