HEADTEACHER Hugh Porter was left stomping mad after a hoaxer landed a sumo wrestler on his school doorstep.

Man mountain Steve Pateman had been hoodwinked by an e-mailer masquerading as the headteacher. So when Mr Pateman arrived at the Joseph Rowntree School, in York, to give a demonstration during assembly, there was embarrassment all round.

Mr Pateman, a member of the British Sumo Federation, was booked to appear at the school on Friday after receiving several e-mails.

The fake Mr Porter had requested that Mr Pateman give a wrestling demonstration of the Japanese sport and a talk about sumo culture.

The real Mr Porter said: "This big sumo wrestler turned up here out of the blue.

"I was shocked when he arrived and felt sorry for him that he had been tricked. It's impossible to say who is responsible.

"Mr Pateman was annoyed and frustrated, but angry at himself for falling for it."

Mr Pateman, who lives in Derby, said the federation would investigate.

"It all looked above board and the emails looked secure," he said. "I'm not sure who it was, but I suppose it could be a pupil who is a big wrestling fan.

"Fortunately for me, I tied it in with a couple of other jobs so it didn't affect me too much."