ROCK star Meatloaf has proved he would do anything for love - including moving to a North East fishing town.

The international superstar has instructed his advisors to look for a house in Hartlepool after falling in love with the town's football club and residents.

He expects to pay about £1m for the property, but it must have a sound-proof room for parties.

Louise Molloy, the singer's spokeswoman, said: "He is looking for quite a large house as he does have quite a lot of parties, and he will need somewhere secluded."

Although Hartlepool has undergone a massive regeneration in recent years, the rock legend may find it difficult to find a house in that price range.

He may have to look to nearby Wynyard or Castle Eden. A spokesman from Dennis Dowen's Estate Agents in Hartlepool said: "There may be some properties in the northern end of town that reach the £700,000 to £800,000 price tag, but not any for £1m.

"On the outskirts of Wynyard, where he would be in the company of footballers, you may be able to buy a house for £1m."

Ms Molloy said Meatloaf would come to take a look around properties in November, when he is in the region as part of a nationwide tour.

"Meatloaf has visited the town before and was overwhelmed with how friendly and pleasant the people are."

Hartlepool Mayor Stuart Drummond, the football club's mascot in a former life, said: "I would be more than happy to give Meatloaf a guided tour to help him find a house here.

"Hartlepool is certainly on the up at the moment."