A NORTH Yorkshire agricultural college has linked up with the UK's first field centre on military land to offer wildlife enthusiasts a range of educational courses this summer.

Run in association with Askham Bryan College, the sessions at the Foxglove Covert study centre, at Catterick Garrison, are open to all.

Wildlife on your Doorstep includes instruction in how to classify plants, animals and other organisms and how to encourage wildlife in the garden.

The course runs either as a full-day session on Saturday, June 21, or over two evenings, starting on Tuesday and finishing on June 3.

What's in the Woods is a 15-hour course held on five Tuesday evenings, starting on June 10, examining the identification of woodland plants and animals and the ecology of different woodland communities.

Biodiversity: genes, webs and environments is also a five-night course, starting on Wednesday, June 25, which includes instruction on how international policies are affecting local environmental practices as well as examining issues such as global warming, extinction and colonisation.

More information on any of the courses is available by telephoning (01748) 875505 or 875504.