FUNDRAISING efforts of the recently formed Ferryhill in Bloom committee are helping the appearance of the town.

The committee, led by Doreen Barber and Zena Roddam, has raised £1,000 in three months.

To help the committee's efforts, Ferryhill Town Council has provided the volunteers with an allotment free of charge, but the abandoned plot has needed a lot of work.

Durham Probation Service was called in and, using the labour of the community service offenders, cleared the site and rotivated the area.

Now it is ready for the volunteers to grow plants which will be sold at future sales to raise more money for Ferryhill In Bloom.

To date, the volunteers have bought some box plants for the town centre gardens and a steel sculpture, which is to be erected on Durham Road.

A spokesman for the volunteers said: "We are attempting to help the town council and other bodies tidy up the town and beautify it.

"Last year we won four prizes in the Northumbria in Bloom competition, including the most improved entry of all categories.

"This year we want to build on this and do even better, so every bit of effort we can put in will be worthwhile."

The town council and Ferryhill e.caf have recently bought six large containers for the town centre, each of which will contain a tree and seasonal bedding.

Peter Clark Estate Agents has sponsored a container for £50 a year, plus the cost of a plaque.

Any other business or organisation wanting to sponsor a container or flower bed should contact Ferryhill Town Council on (01740) 652157.