PEOPLE in the North-East are being asked to help Iraq's animal casualties of war.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has set up an emergency appeal to raise £160,000 to help animals that are suffering through lack of basic medical supplies.

A disaster relief team from WSPA will distribute supplies to veterinary hospitals throughout southern Iraq.

The area is the country's main agricultural region and many families rely on animals as a major source of income.

The team is going to Iraq on Thursday to make preparations to receive an emergency consignment of supplies a few days later, which will then be taken to a storage facility to Basra.

Brian Faulkner, of WSPA, said: "Iraq's veterinary system is in dire need of life-saving medicines to help the animals of this war-torn country"

A mission by the group in mid May discovered that vet supplies were non-existent.

Looting of practices had left vets without the means to help injured or sick animals.

In previous expeditions, WSPA has provided relief for animals in conflicts such as the previous Gulf war, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

People can donate to the campaign by calling 0845 0737 500 or at